Era Istrefi Talks Sinful Colors Collaboration, New Music and Has a Message for LGBTQ Community

Era Istrefi is an Eastern European musical sensation, who won the world over with her incredibly infectious jam – “Bon Bon.” (Don’t tell me that just thinking about that song doesn’t make your hips want to move…) I met Era at the hotel she was staying in, just before her NYC Pride performance. As she came out of her room to meet me, I immediately thought – this is the coolest person I’ve ever seen! In her white jeans, black bra and colorful blouse, Era is rocking flawless makeup with word “LOVE” spelled in gold under her right eye. Her braids are a color of the rainbow. As an additional touch – she rocks WXYZ Jewelry “Gio Baseball Cap Hat” on top of a leather head scarf. Era knows how to think out of the box – both musically and stylistically. We sat down to chat a little bit about her SinfulColors “Pride” collaboration, new music and her message to the LGBTQ community. During the interview, Era comes across as a very sweet, well-mannered and down-to-earth person.

Era Istrefi

NINA: This is your second time at NYC Pride, how does it feel to be back?

ERA: Super happy to be back in New York for Pride Day and to celebrate diversity and equality. It is just amazing.

NINA: Let’s talk a little about your collaboration with Sinful Colors. How that came to be? I know you collaborated in the past, but now you have your own collection. Tell me a little bit more about that…

ERA: Yeah, we collaborated in the past. I thought that they were amazing and had amazing nail polishes. I’m super excited that this year I’m going to have my own collection – Pride Collection, which is super fun! All glitter…rainbow…which I know my friends are super excited about because they love glitter in color, they’re all about that stuff.

NINA: What would be your favorite shade from the collection?

ERA: Favorite shade…The “Pride” one!

NINA: The “Pride” one?

ERA: Yeah, that’s my favorite….

NINA: I like that one too!

ERA: Super cool!

NINA: Now that we talked about the SinfulColors collaboration – let’s talk about music for a little bit. Who would be your favorite collaboration?

ERA: Umm… I’m so indecisive about this part because there are a lot of people who I would like to work with…But, probably…It’s a hard question. Every time I get stuck on this… But, my all time favorite artist was and always will be – Rihanna. That would be the ultimate collaboration. And yeah, I get compared to her…

NINA: All the time!

ERA: Yeah! How awesome would that be?

NINA: That would be amazing! I think that you would vibe well, totally!

ERA: Yeah, they call me “Rihanna’s daughter!”

NINA: Yeah, they call you Eastern European Rihanna, right?

ERA: Yeah!

NINA: When it comes to music? Are there any new singles coming out soon?

ERA: Yeah, I’m really excited about my new single. It’s coming…I hate giving promises because it’s not always that we can make it in time, but I know for sure that it’s coming by the end of the summer.  So, I’m super, super excited about that one. Because it’s fun, it’s danceable! Different from the last one I’ve released. It was a sort of a ballad and this one is more FUN!

NINA: It’s like a party anthem almost…?

ERA: Yeah, it’s a party anthem.

NINA: That’s awesome! I loved “Redrum,” it’s a great song! And I loved “Bon Bon” of course…

ERA: Thank you very much! They’re different…

NINA: So different, yeah…

ERA: And this one is going to be different as well. Not what I’m used to doing…

NINA: Nice! I’m looking forward to it! I love your work!

ERA: Thank you.

NINA: My last question would be – what would be your message to the LGBTQ community?

ERA: Don’t let anyone stop you from loving because you give so much color to the universe. Thank you for all the inspiration you give me. And just – be fabulous, as you are. Don’t let anyone stop you from shining!

CHECK OUT “Redrum!”

Featured Photo Courtesy of Era Istrefi.

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