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Steal My Routine: My Tried-and-True Skincare Products

Dear reader, I have decided to share my tried-and-true skincare products, because I think that I have finally found a golden middle. It took a long time of testing stuff out on myself, because I have no chill really, but I finally got there. I have finally found products for face and body that just work so well together and I’m excited to share them with you.

Dr. Yelena Yeretsky Reveals Her Beauty Secrets So You Can Glow

Dr. Yelena Yeretsky a.k.a “Dr. Y,” is an internationally renowned physician specializing in anti-aging and aesthetic medicine. At her gorgeous West Village medical boutique, she offers an all-immersive experience tailored to meet all of your beauty needs and help you indulge all of your senses. Services offered at Clinique YFT are not only those of medical nature. Here you can properly pamper yourself by getting one of the lavish facials or opting for a fascia release massage. But that’s not all. What about your soul? Dr. Yeretsky took care of that too by offering complimentary in-house Astrology Birth Chart and Tarot Card Reading. Pretty DAMN COOL right?!

Depressing Blizzard, March is Being a F***boy, This Dreamy Makeup Look is Something You’ll Want to Recreate

Okay, I’ll admit with the whole blizzard watch here in New York, it’s hard to believe it’s March and even harder to believe that spring is literally just around the corner. Why does my birthday month has to be “that weird month?” (Quoting the lady I’ve overheard talking about the same issue a few nights ago at the dinner. She released a long sigh, indicating that she’s giving up.) We all are. Seriously March?! Why are you such a f***boy? Being all hot and cold, manipulating us into thinking that you’ll shower us with warmth and affection, only to change your mind and all of a sudden decide that you want to be cool and detached because you realized you don’t do emotions.

Fifty Shades Darker Inspired Vampy Lip

Off the bat, let’s be honest – most of these products are not the ones worn in the movie Fifty Shades Darker, but are just the perfect alternative. Some of these products are organic, chemical and cruelty-free, which is an added bonus. So, pay attention all of Anastasia Steele wannabes, because there is a way to recreate Steele’s signature lip. And when it comes to the said lip – I’m not sure what we’ve seen more of in the movie, the different shades of Grey or the different shades of lipstick worn by Dakota Johnson’s character? You, be the judge… Whether you like the movie or not, it doesn’t really matter, because at least we can all agree that the makeup and the fashion was spot on. So, here are some vampy lip products that you can use while dominating inside or outside the bedroom or while climbing the corporate ladder and stuff. There are so many options for a go-getter kind of gal.

5 All-Natural DIY Beauty Treatments for Dry Winter Skin

The Epsom Salt Council partnered with TRUE Model Management to learn how some models treat their skin in the winter. Here are 5 natural beauty treatments for dry skin they swear by.

Skip Your Beauty Routine: Moisturizer That Does it All

Have you ever heard of a moisturizer that has human exosomes as an active ingredient? Probably not… eXO Perfection Moisturizer is the first to market such technology. Its formula consists of next-gen natural ingredients and 150 million+ Zen3 exosomes that work with your skin on a cellular level. This intelligent Zen3 technology continuously adapts to your skin by synching cells to lock in hydration and radiance and slow down the aging.

Fun in the Sun: 15 SPF-Charged Creams to Keep You Protected

Sun’s out and you know what that means? Yes – FUN! But also – safety. As soon as it starts feeling like summer out (even though we should care about these things during the “cuffing season” too), the first thing I think of is unfortunately not the bikinis, but how to properly protect myself. Call me a hypochondriac, but sun, although crucial to the life on Earth, can also be detrimental to our health.