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Single Review: Lauren Carnahan – “Catch 22”

Coming from a small town in Oklahoma, Lauren Carnahan has first dazzled her hometown audience at the age of four when she performed “Tomorrow” (from Annie) at her hometown church. Little girl, who was adopted at birth and had just survived heart surgery, received a standing ovation from the churchgoers. That was the defining moment of what’s soon to become her life’s calling.

New Artist To Watch: Gutxi Bibang

Who says rock ’n’ roll is dead? If you do, then you haven’t met Gutxi Bibang. He is an unlikely candidate to carry the rock ‘n’ roll torch, a second-generation African from the Basque region of northern Spain. Yet he still has more in common with larger-than-life musical icons like Jimi Hendrix, Led Zepplin, and Peter Tosh than he does with his Basque countrymen. Even his unique moniker speaks of his cultural clash heritage – Gutxi (pronounced “Gu-chee”), a common nickname in his Basque homeland, and Bibang, from his roots in Africa.

Interview: “PROPS (I.C.E) on Music, Dreams, Style and What the Future Holds”

Photo courtesy of PROPS

Are you constantly listening to the same artists over and over again? Is the music you’re listening to right now actually speaking to your soul? Do you feel like you need to expand your musical horizons? If this applies to you, then sound the alarm, because your life is in a serious state of emergency! And you know what people do in case of emergency? Break the glass and listen to I.C.E!

All Eyes on Grace Mitchell


Meet Grace Mitchell, your new obsession. She has been on so many “Artists To Watch” lists, but I have found out about her by clicking on a Facebook Ad for her “NoLo” video. When I saw it, I thought: “What is this? Looks fun!” But fun doesn’t even begin to describe this young up-and-coming artist.

New Band To Love: The Hunna

Photo by: The Hunna

Are you looking for a new band to listen to? If you are, then look no further, because The Hunna is a band you’re going to love. If you’re all about the exuberant rock anthems then this band will make you more excited than buying a new pair of Vans.